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We are devastated with the news of the horrific 7.8 earthquake in Nepal on Saturday, April 25, centered just 50 miles west of Kathmandu. The photographs in the news show massive destruction and human suffering beyond our imagination. We are relieved that we have been able to confirm the safety of most of our family and friends in the Kathmandu Valley. There are some we have not yet heard from, but hope to confirm their whereabouts and safety within the coming days. Lack of communication is a serious problem, and we have not able to reach anyone in Bhotechaur at this writing. We cannot but hope that all is well in that poor community and at the Bhotechaur Health Clinic. We will update this page as we learn more. In the meantime, we ask that you direct your positive energies in Nepal's direction. If you are inclined to lend disaster relief support to our Bright Futures fold in Nepal, please go to our Donate Now page to make your tax-deductible contribution. We will take no administrative fee from your donation; 100% of what we receive will go to Nepal (PayPal does deduct a small processing fee). As always, thank you for your support and good wishes for our work in Nepal.

Bright Futures Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Grants Pass, Oregon. Our primary work is in Nepal where we sponsor two programs: (1) support for the Bhotechaur Health Clinic, a rural medical clinic serving a large population in a vast area of the Himalayan foothills, and (2) scholarships for bright, motivated children from the poorest families to receive a high quality education so they can go on to become leaders in their communities.

Operating with an all-volunteer board and no paid staff in the U.S., we are dedicated to maximizing the impact of every dollar we raise through our fundraisers and your donations.

We invite you to watch our video, enjoy the slideshow of our work in Nepal, and explore our website to learn more about us and our projects.
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